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Harold J. Bockhold

1972 - 1978

Harold Bockhold was born in 1926 in ChicagoIllinois. He joined the Army Air Force after graduation in 1943 and served for 30 months. He moved to Florida on Christmas Day 1946 and served an electrical apprenticeship, studied other trades, passed the examinations and became a licensed Electrical Contractor and General Contractor. He moved to Parkland in 1965 with his wife (a Broward County girl) and their four young children. He created Criterion Farms for Thoroughbred horses. He served the city as the first unpaid building inspector and was selected to the City Commission. He ran for Mayor in 1972 and was electedParkland’s 6th mayor. His platform was to keep the legislators from abolishing the city and was successful in doing so. Harold was instrumental in establishing the Parkland Historical Society.